Google 2024 March Algorithm Update

The first notable change is that there is more emphasis on evaluating content quality.

There’s a lot of crap out there now. Seekers don’t like that. Google doesn’t like that.

This update improves Google’s ranking system to better identify whether web pages actually provide valuable information or are simply created to please search engines. I did. This means that websites that have minimal engagement, or that don’t provide much value to users, are likely to see a drop in search rankings.

As part of this improvement, Google aims to reduce unoriginal, low-quality content while seeking more useful and relevant content for users.

In practice, this means that sites with thin or repurposed content, old or repurposed news, and pages that provide little or no real value are likely to have lower search visibility. means high.

This is a significant shift in perspective, prioritizing end user interest and satisfaction over a website specifically designed to rank high in search results. Essentially, it’s about making sure your primary motivation when creating content is to truly serve and inform your audience, not just appeal to search algorithms. .

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